Secret Diaries

For two years jamesAlbert had been investigating and compiling data on public spending. There was a case known as the starGate, involving tomHunter taking 50% cuts on infrastructure projects while dealing with CanarcoDevelopment group. jamesAlbert claimed that millions of dollars were being systematically rerouted from public funds into private bank accounts. jamesAlbert published the reports online. that same evening, 1000 people took over the streets protesting for this case of corruption, tomHunter ordered the police to contain the Rioters. they brutally assassinated over 100 protesters. The reports quickly sparked major action from the state powers. Directors that were implicated in the scandal lost their jobs, and criminal investigations were opened. jamesAlbert identified tomHunter as the perpetrator of the crimes. But since the legal powers were unable to take care of the issue, jamesAlbert personally located tomHunter and assassinated him while he was giving a public speech. jamesAlbert’s location is still unknown.

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