Joe Reynolds, an online trader of surveillance equipment, was using the dark network to access a large database of buyers ranging from government representatives to illegal armed groups. One night, Alias Blackfox, a corrupt government rep, entered the network and purchased a missile controller component. Joe, the commissioner, had no clue who the end client was, he simply trusted a system he used multiple times. That night, The media reveals an article on #illegalWeaponTrade happening over the deep web. The local newsfeed mentions a frequent online buyer who’s nickname is “blackfox”. Blackfox, aware of the scam, decides to eliminate all traces of his presence in the network. blackfox orders his team to get rid of Reynolds. Joe gets ambushed, but manages to get away of the danger zone. When Joe finds a safe spot, he triggers a sophisticated phone application and tracks down the Blackfox’s location. The Blackfox, thinking Joe has been assassinated, celebrates at his penthouse. But Joe, having mislead the security team of Blackfox, enters the building, locates blackfox’s suite, and takes care of business. Joe fades away and keeps operating his enterprise under the dark network.